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Since 2003, DVG Media Training has been a specialist enabler and trainer of disabled job candidates, providing many SA companies with capable, committed staff.

Our candidates, aged 18-24, come from all over the country and are previously disadvantaged disabled individuals. For one year, they are housed and trained on-site at our Spartan facility, where they receive housing, food and appropriate care.

DVG has trained over 400 people, with an 80% placement rate!
DVG is also the only trainer and recruiter that houses and cares for its candidates

We follow a simple three-step entry requirement check. DVG are also the only trainer and recruiter that houses and cares for its candidates.

  • Candidates must have a Matric certificate.
  • Candidates must be physically disabled.
  • Candidates must be willing to work hard for one year.

If you are interested in enrolling and qualify within the above criteria, we would love to hear to you. Please contact us for further information.

VG works hard to meet the training, development and employment needs of SA’s physically disabled community, and to help them to integrate into the SA workforce.


We do this by offering quality training in fields that are not impeded by physical disabilities and striving to create previous non-existent employment opportunities.

But, it is not enough to give a job-seeker website development, database management or other important IT skills. Genuine professional development must extend, especially in South Africa, to teaching the job-seeker to get a job. For this reason, DVG also teaches CV writing, interview techniques and life skills.

DVG Recruitment provides a unique service in that the candidates we put forward for placement are known first-hand to us. Not only have they graduated and delivered to our high standard of expectations, but we through their time spent with us we are able to collect valuable, measurable data about the candidate from which we are able to build accurate profiles and insights based on patterns, attitude and aptitude. This data is made available exclusively to our clients and goes a long way in defining expectations and alignment of candidate qualities to the needs and roles of the appointment.


To ensure that we consistently meet our high operating standards we have an internal quality control audit system which our managers inspect on an ongoing basis to ensure that our paper trail meets the brief. We also confidently guarantee our candidate placement for 90 days from commencement of duty.

Our services include:

    • Permanent Placements
    • Temporary Placements
    • Contractual Placements
    • Response handling
    • Skills and competency based interviews
    • Personality Profile Analysis
    • Qualification Verification
    • Criminal, creditworthiness and ID verification


DVG’s clients span an extremely broad range of sectors and niches, thanks partly to the fundamental IT skills we teach our learners. From major corporates to SME’s, our candidates are primed toward excelling through diversification.